The Fabric of Stillness

The Fabric of Stillness


The Fabric of Stillness

They say a golden lady will appear
She will walk into crowds and smile at everyone,
While children will sing from the bridges,
The boys all hidden away will appear with swords and arrows,
Ready to cut the ropes for the boats ready to leave the great shores.

A voice is heard in the rhythm of the murmuring
And the river is singing songs for the elder to return home.
There is a breeze in the air and the words
On the lips of existence are too slow for the ears.

Will this time be made by the rhythm of a song?
Will the girl who knows the way of the white stag find a way to open the forest.
The door has been pushed open and the light is streaming in
And there are those beckoning for a song kept.

Awake from the dream.
Awake from the answer.
Eat the question.
Love the myth.

For the story of an island unnamed is
A province unknown and a return of a song
From a woman’s voice just awakened.

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