Meeting the High King

Meeting the High King For Dan He will be disguised when he walks amongst us again. He will be dressed in rags and an overcoat with a thousand years of stories. He will wander in places that are desolate and empty, whispering all the myths. He will walk with the gait of a man who […]

The Silence below Silence

The Silence below Silence The old man with his cane is wandering In the day with his crown dragging on the ground, And the leaves won’t blow where the women wept. Clouds move, Shadows are made and the ships of old sail Amongst the freighters while Neptune’s gaze fades into the stone wall. The horseshoe […]

The Fabric of Stillness

The Fabric of Stillness They say a golden lady will appear She will walk into crowds and smile at everyone, While children will sing from the bridges, The boys all hidden away will appear with swords and arrows, Ready to cut the ropes for the boats ready to leave the great shores. A voice is […]